Thursday, 12 October 2017

Smart Ways are available to install Canon printer

One of the best ways to install the Canon printer is by using USB flash drive. For that, you should have driver downloaded on USB drive. Canon provides such type of drives with pre-loaded drivers. You can download the driver to drive from the web.

If you face any difficulty throughout the installation just by using USB, you should come in touch with toll free canon printer customer service number 1-888-422-3788 for immediate help. Here are simple smart steps:-

Installing Canon Printer using USB Drive-

• You have to insert the USB pen drive in the USB port of your system.
• Let the system detect the drive, now you need to open the drive folder where printer files are saved.
• Make dual click on Installation File.
• Confirm that you need to carry on with installation on dialogue box that will display.
• Installation process will begin. You can follow few instructions to complete the procedure.
• There are some settings you should select during the installation process.

The significant steps to install the printer using USB are simple. However, if you face any technical error, you should call at canon printer support number for quick help.

Installing Canon Printer by using CD drive-

When you buy a new printer, you are offered with driver installation CD. Installation just by using CD is attractive straightforward. However, in the some cases you face some technical difficulties. So if you need help, simply call at toll free calling number.

• Initially, remove any USB drives connected to the system.
• Insert the CD in the disk drive.
• The system will notice the drive as installation disks come with Auto run features.
• Auto Run is not open, you need to go directly to CD drive in MY Computers and launch the Setup.exe file from there.
• Installation procedure will be the same as USB drive installation. You should go after onscreen steps and printing machine will be installed on your system.

Installing the driver from Internet-

For this reason, you should have an active internet connection. Here are some important steps given below:-

• Turn on Canon Printer on
• If you have connected your printer to the system with USB cable, you must make sure that you disconnect it first of all.
• Visit the official site enter model number download the driver.
• You should select the method to identify the model of your printer.
• You should follow onscreen steps and you will be redirected to download section.
• Now you click on Download to begin download.

In any technical difficulty, you should get in touch with specialized technicians just by dialing at canon printer support phone number 1-888-422-3788 to get quick help.